We Accept Bitcoin

VPNLand Accepts Bitcoin for all VPN Services

VPNLand now accepts payments via Bitcoin for VPN Services. Other available payment methods are Credit Cards, PayPal, WebMoney, PaymentWall and Ethereum

Pay for VPN with Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin anonymous method of payment for VPN?

Absolutely, yes. The only information we need from you is your email address and your randomly chosen password

What is Bitcoin and how it works?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created in 2009. It allows for exchanges between any two computer users, creating a public ledger for the exchange of the coins. This means of transfer can allow for the exchange to be more anonymous.

How to use Bitcoins to pay for VPNLand VPN Services

The payment process is very and intuitively easy. Navigate to our VPN Pricing page, select your VPN plan, enter your email address and password for your account and select Bitcoin as a payment method. The system will automatically guide you and as soon as the Bitcoin VPN transaction is confirmed your VPN Account will be activated