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Use the internet how you want with VPNLand VPN Service

You can’t afford to use the internet without a VPN Service. Virtual private networks are used to provide privacy and security through encryption, anonymity through masking your IP address and to access restricted websites, VoIP applications and media content like TV series and movies. VPNLand provides a variety of VPNs for all types of users: premium VPNs for those who stream large amounts of content; VPNs with IP addresses specific to geographical areas like the US, UK and Canada; and global VPNs for international travelers.

Everyone deserves to have secure, seamless and unrestricted access to the internet via any number of compatible devices. Users have many justified concerns about the internet. Ensuring privacy and safety, freedom from data sniffers and identity thieves, seems to become more difficult every year. As those who want your data become more savvy, you too must ramp-up your online security and privacy. Don’t roam the internet without safeguards, get a VPNLand VPN Service account and keep all your data within your private piece of the internet.

VPN services are essential

Even if the only place you ever access your internet is your private home Wi-FI network, you still need a VPN. Home networks simply can not provide the same privacy and security that a VPN can. VPNs carry data to and from your Wi-Fi devices via a private tunnel bored through the unrestricted internet, encrypting and decrypting your data as it enters and exits.

However, many users are victims of geotagging, or restricted internet access based on the location of their IP addresses. For these users a VPN will mask the identity of their restricted local Wi-Fi network as in fact an IP address from a non-restricted country. Using a different IP address allows you to access blocked websites like Google, Blogger and Facebook; VoIP applications like Skype, Viber and Line2 work as intended; and with a VPNLand VPN you can get back to your favorite TV shows, movies and music from Hulu, Netflix and Spotify, BBC, NBC and more — media content from around the world.

Types of VPN Services

VPN types include free, paid and premium for users at every level of experience with the service. Free VPNs are sluggish, prone to ads and lacking security, and may end up charing you hidden fees ultimately. Paid VPNs from VPNLand ensure your privacy, security and unrestricted access no matter what how you use the internet. Premium VPNs are for users who need higher amounts of speed to process online streaming data. In fact, every year more and more users get their TV, movie and music content from the internet as prices for subscription services decrease.

VPNLand is the best VPN Service provider

If you can’t access the internet when you want and how you want, you won’t be motivated to use it very often. VPNLand wants to get you online often again, without the frustration of privacy, security or access issues. But we already know you’re busy — the last thing you need is to spend more time devoted to making your internet work as you want. We have setup instructions online for Apple and Android devices, as well as multiple operating systems. Our support staff is friendly, knowledgeable and available any time.

VPNLand takes VPNs to the next level. We have some of the most unique VPNs in the industry like our unparalleled Poker VPN. We enjoy tailoring our products to our customers needs and strive to ensure we provide every type of VPN you could never need.