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Access the internet whenever you want from any device with a VPN Router

VPN routers are a great way to take your VPN experience to the next level. Wherever you go you can connect all your devices through one VPN account to your VPN router.

VPN Router

VPNLand VPN Router

A VPN or virtual private network allows you to browse the internet without leaving a trace because your information is encrypted as it enters and exits your VPN. This is possible because you are connected to a VPNLand IP address, which masks your location. Perhaps you’re in China but need to appear to be in the United States to catch up on your favorite television shows. Or perhaps you are in Dubai but need to appear to be in Europe in order to enjoy social networking websites with your friends. VPNLand has a solution for all content seekers.Still a whole other group of VPNLand users simply need privacy and security online. Identity theft is rampant, data sniffers comb the internet constantly for new victims, and even governments use internet browsing history from compliant Wi-Fi providers. Browsing online is a very private experience, in fact it is where people express their most important thoughts and feelings. Ever user deserves to feel comforted by the notion that their personal information is safe every time they use the a VoIP app like Skype or share photos with their friends on Facebook.

VPNLand VPN routers are the best for our VPN services

There is no shortage of VPN routers on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Nobody knows what works better with VPNLand’s VPN service than us — the routers we offer are the result of rigorous testing. We don’t simply direct you to a list of compatible routers.You’re not an expert in VPN setup, we understand that. That’s why our router is plug-and-play, continuing our commitment to uniquely designed VPNs which stress user-friendliness.

Increase your convenience

With a VPNLand VPN router you only need one account to connect all the devices in your home, hotel or office. After all, setting up more than one account becomes confusing. You should be able to not just access any part of the internet when you want, but also to access it simply and easily from any device you choose.

Share your VPN with multiple network devices

You access the internet from your phone, laptop, tablet and PC. VPNLand VPN routers also work with Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Apple TV and smart televisions as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. Seamless switching from device to device is an essential feature of fully experiencing the internet. These days you want to send a text, play a round of a video game, then flip open your laptop or power on your tablet for a look at the best local food. Don’t juggle different VPN accounts, different routers — save time and frustration with a VPN router from VPNLand.