VPN in Qatar

VPN in Qatar

Qatar VPN

Access all of the internet with the speed you want.

A blocked website is bad enough. Add a sluggish proxy putting a dent in your internet speed and your browsing experience is hardly worth the effort. Too many visitors and residents of Qatar currently deal with these problems. In fact, Qatar is known as one of the most extensive blockers of content including Google, WordPress, Facebook and VoIP applications like Skype, Fring, MagicJack, Rebtel and Viber. You deserve access to your favorite websites, at a speed which actually makes enjoying them possible. Only VPN in Qatar allows you to access any restricted website.

VPNLand VPNs or virtual private networks allow you to surf the internet anonymously wherever you want, whenever you want at speeds which make proxies utterly obsolete. We do not record any logs which track your activity online, keeping your information contained with a tunnel only accessible by authorized users. Because you are on a local internet connection but protected by VPNLand’s tunnel placed over this connection, filters which restrict content simply fade away. VoIP applications, popular social networking websites and blocked media content become instantly available as if you were at home.

What internet problems are specific to Qatar?

Many countries have similar problems which require the resolution of a virtual private network. For example, media content from major providers like Hulu, Netflix and the BBC is often blocked from country to country. But Qatar places greater restrictions than most countries on primarily social networking websites like Blogger, WordPress, eBlogger, Facebook, YouTube and even Google. Furthermore, VoIP applications like Skype and Line2 are usually blocked.

Without access to these websites residents and visitors of Qatar are largely removed from communication on the internet. The majority of discussion occurs on websites created by WordPress, the fan pages of Facebook, and blogs created via template on Blogger. Without access to Google, searchers can not find the most relevant content available. Visitors to Qatar used to accessing these websites are most seriously affected, particularly businesspeople who may spend most months out of the year in the country.

Why is VPNLand the best VPN for use in Qatar?

Lots of VPNs provide service to visitors and residents of Qatar, but VPNLand is still the best. First of all, we have longevity. In operation since 2006, we have over 400+ servers around the world, which makes us prepared to protect your online activity wherever business or pleasure takes you. Secondly, we understand the market. We know that Qatar is a very free Middle Eastern country with unfortunately tight controls on its internet. Even VoIP can not be sold or resold without licensing, which is only available to national communications providers.

In fact, in Qatar the use of VPNs themselves has been monitored and censorship attempted. Still, residents and visitors of Qatar use VPNs without problems. Black Logic does not simply use servers located in nearby Europe to provide private internet access to users in Qatar. The proximity of the server you are using to view content determines largely the speed of your internet connection. With a server presence in Qatar itself, Black Logic is able to provide more reliable and more efficient service.

What server types do we use?

We use Open VPN servers (256 bit encryption keys) for unbreakable and uninterrupted Internet Access from Qatar