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The United Arab Emirates (e.g. Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah) is a place of international business and great fun. But business trips or vacation getaways result in the same problem: unsecured Wi-Fi networks and blocks to your favorite content from Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, online poker gaming, Skype among other VoIP applications as well as a host of television networks. The subscription content you pay for at home, the affordable calls you make in-country via Skype and the online gaming which you’ve invested in should all be available to you no matter where you travel in the UAE. Bypass filters and surf the web securely, anonymously and conveniently with a VPN from VPNLand.

VPNLand VPN is the best choice for all your VPN needs in the UAE

Accessing blocked websites, using VoIP applications with consistent reliability and viewing the media content you’re accustomed to is difficult in the UAE. Any VPN provider simply will not do. You need a VPN provider who knows the unique challenges of using a VPN in the UAE. Whether you’re an expat, guest or resident of the UAE, Blacklogic understands your frustrations with internet browsing and has made user upon user happy since 2007. Our live team listens well, is patient and is eager to solve any error with your VPN from VPNLand, should one arise. More than 100 VPN servers ensure you’ll always have a safe, fast and reliable VPN IP address by which to access all of the internet, whenever you want.

All Internet users need a VPN in the United Arab Emirates

It can be a challenge to use a VPN from the UAE to connect to a server in another country which does not have restrictions on internet activity. But Blacklogic always has VPNs ready for your usage, and every internet user in the UAE needs one. The UAE largely restricts usage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, WordPress websites and Google. However, those websites are only some of the largest blocked. Which websites are in fact blocked depends on your location within the UAE and what content you would like to access. Dubai, for example, has more lenient restrictions on internet usage than other areas with the UAE. Regarding content, which web pages are made available is largely defined by what are considered the cultural norms of the area — for example, online gambling is not allowed.

Get a VPN account and start enjoying your Uncensored, Unrestricted Internet the same way as you are used at home

In the UAE there is an organization called the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority which influences telecommunications policy in the area. The TRA protects these local telecommunications providers from the threat of competition from VoIP applications like Skype. Of course, the TRA would not have influence without the support of the government and the UAE police. In fact, there are only two ISP providers in the entire UAE — Du and Etisalat. This makes monitoring and censoring of users’ web traffic very easy to accomplish with certain filters. Restore your access to VoIP applications like Skype, Vibert, Line2 and Rebtel.