Future of Internet Privacy?

Edward Snowden and The Future of Internet Privacy?

Edward Snowden made major worldwide headlines several years ago with his revelations about the NSA and other government organizations regularly spying on people and companies around the globe. His claims are that he was working as a spy for the NSA and became disillusioned with his job, leading him to leak classified documents and informing the world about all his employer and other organizations were doing to destroy internet privacy.

As the US government wants to try him for treason, Snowden eventually was granted asylum in Russia—the only country who was willing to accept him after he admitted to spying for his NSA superiors—and now he is again making headlines by claiming to want to help people around the globe protect themselves from the NSA and other spy agencies.

Snowden claims that internet security and privacy is now his number one concern and that he’s currently working with others to develop new technology to protect personal information and put a stop to online spying. However, as an ex-spy, many are wondering whether or not we can actually trust the man, or whether he’ll use these new programs to allow himself and his fellow hackers to snoop on people just as he did for his former employer.

There is no doubt that he is entering a time in his life where he needs to find a way to start making money again, and as the face behind the revelations of global spying, it only makes sense that his new work would involve cyber security. The man himself claims to want to undo his past wrongs by helping to develop new protocols and programs designed to protect our security and prevent future electronic spying and he’s encouraging his fellow hackers to join him in the fight. At the end of the day, if he is telling the truth about his future work, he will likely need to remain in Russia in order to continue with it or else he risks being charged with treason and sentenced to prison.

His main focus seems to be on encryption of data, which he says is the most important step towards limiting access to sensitive information and in itself could be a major step towards putting an end to government spying. However, many are still concerned that the internet security programs and codes he is currently writing and promoting could also be used to the opposite effect.

It remains to be seen where this will all lead, but if Snowden is indeed serious about it all, then he could possibly have a major effect on the future of online security and hopefully help us to prevent these invasions of privacy from happening in the future. However, as the current face of the cyber security movement, if Snowden wants to use his new programs to continue stealing data and selling it on to the highest bidder, is there anything we can do to prevent it?