Saudi Arabia VPN

Don’t settle for restricted internet in Saudi Arabia The internet is censored in Saudi Arabia largely due to cultural standards. Much of the internet content in the country is blocked due to entities labeling the material as immoral in some way, like certain clothing and gambling. Not everyone in the country feels the same however. In fact many people — residents, visitors for vacation or business — need to use the internet in their everyday lives, creating huge demand for VPNs in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general. It’s well-known that the area has some of the most strict internet censorship in the world. Thankfully you don’t have to settle for restricted internet in Saudi Arabia with VPNs or virtual private networks from VPNLand. The name says it all — VPNs are a a private network for only your online usage. Private also means you make the rules. If you need media content from a particular country, like BBC television shows from the UK, you can get a UK-based IP address from VPNLand. We then mask your local IP address with our this IP address in order to prevent geotagging restrictions like the blocking of Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress; the restriction of VoIP applications like Skype, Line2 and Viber; and media content like movies and television shows, which are generally only allowed to people with IP addresses based in the content’s country of origin. In 2008 users in Saudi Arabia were given access to Twitter, the response overwhelming particularly by women wanting to express themselves.

Blacklogic has extensive VPN experience in the Middle East Because we have nearly a decade experience providing VPNs, we’ve had the chance to provide service to users all around the globe, including the Middle East. In addition to Saudi Arabia we also provide VPNs to users in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, the UAE and Dubai. We understand what users want from a VPN in the Middle East: privacy, access, speed and reliability. When your internet is censored, it’s hard to feel like you have privacy. Which data sniffers or powerful entities are trying to filter your information for their gain? The truth is nobody knows who could use their information, or what risk they are exposing themselves to by not using a VPN to browse the internet in Saudi Arabia. Simply connecting to a public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world is risky enough these days. Most people either know or have themselves been a victim of some type of data sniffing, from identity theft to being placed on a list and sold to marketers or salespeople. VPNLandputs privacy and security first.

Use the internet in confidence with total privacy and security Yes, you want to gamble, play games online, use VoIP applications like Skype, and enjoy all of the internet particularly social media websites, but these benefits of a VPN are nothing without being backed by privacy and security. In fact, at VPNLand privacy and security is our speciality because while other VPN providers lift restrictions, they may not be keeping you safe, thereby exposing you to even more of the internet and becoming counterproductive. Remember that you don’t just use your private home networks, and perhaps a network at you place of work — with the mobility of devices like phones and tablets these days, it’s possible to connect to several public Wi-Fi networks easily in a single day. Threats aren’t always looming online, but it’s best to section of your private part of the internet to keep your browsing safe and unrestricted. VPNLand offers VPN solutions for users of all needs in Saudi Arabia.