Russian VPN Service

Escape internet restrictions in Russia with a VPN

Privacy and censorship are the biggest concerns for internet users in Russia. VPNs provide privacy and security by offering an internet user complete anonymity. It may seem like you can still browse online without being noticed, but the data sniffers looking for your data are not noticeable. Where your data ends up after being filtered is anyone’s guess — in the hands of marketers, governments or identity thieves. But the days of worrying about privacy and security online in Russia are over. VPNs or virtual private networks tunnel through the unrestricted internet to create a secure, private connection between your internet compatible device and one of VPNLand’s IP addresses. Information which passes in and out of your network is encrypted and decrypted so that no sniffers can detect its content.

Unfortunately websites have recently been restricted in Russia as well. VPNs easily bypass restrictions however by assigning you an IP address outside of Russia, one located in a country which has the lack of censorship or media content — TV shows, movies, local sports games — you want. Basically, this fools any filters into thinking you’re actually located in an entirely different country rather than one with restrictions. VPNLand VPNs come in a variety of options sure to suit your needs.

VPNLand have unique advantages over other solutions

Just as there are many VPN providers, there are also many alternatives to virtual private networks. Proxies are a popular option, many of which are free, but don’t be fooled — you get what you pay for when seeking out privacy, security and access online. A solution to bypass internet restrictions and the risks of unprotected local networks which does not work can in fact make your internet browsing experience worse.

Not only are VPNs themselves the best solution for battling censorship and privacy online, VPNLand VPNs in particular stand out amongst a crowded market. We don’t simply want to hook your computer up to a secure anonymous IP address and move on, we expend great effort implementing features we know our customers want. All VPN users are not the same, each has different needs. Some only need access to a single country, others need access across the globe due to constant travel. Gamers and those who like to stream television shows and movies require more speed than those simply interested in browsing web pages. Whatever reason you’re looking to get a VPN, VPNLand is happy to accommodate with the best available options.

Website blocking in Russia is set to get worse

Until recent legislation took affect, Russia did not block certain websites. However it now has that power and uses it more and more each year. Many websites are blocked due to content which government entities and other decision makers believe is a bad influence to the general population; in particular Russian government has called blocked content harmful.

Although Russia does not have a countrywide ban on the most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it can request the removal of any page of these websites as it chooses. But just because a few users upload questionable content, that doesn’t mean you should have to be denied access or risk the take down of your own online content. While Russian internet has high censorship and low security, they don’t restrict the use of VPNs which make bypassing their censors very simple with a little help from VPNLand.