Personal VPN Service

Personal VPN to secure and improve your online experience

We usually feel quite safe when we use public WiFi spots in our favorite coffee shops, the airport and other public places. Sadly this is a false sense of security, since WiFi transmits with radio waves, which can easily be intermitted by a third party. Simply put, someone who really wants your information (and there are more of those people than you’d first believe) will get it quite easily if you use WiFi spots without added protection. People, who cherish their privacy and care for their personal assets, use Personal VPN. Over 40% of people who use public WiFi spots have been found to transmit extremely sensitive information, like credit card numbers, personal emails and paying bills. You simply know that this kind of information WILL be abused. How Can Personal VPN Help? Personal VPN has multiple benefits, which help people with various security risks and online problems. To be more specific, getting your own Personal VPN will offer you:

  1. Online Privacy! There are plenty of people that starve for the information that you hand out freely on the net without knowing. Marketing businesses track your searches, many governments watch the web and plenty of other organizations lurk out there looking at your online behavior. Personal VPN frees you of this stalking behavior, giving you the privacy you once thought you had, by masking your IP.
  2. Safety in Public Places. If you are a busy person, who is on the go a lot, you will often find yourself in need of using a WiFi spot. Personal VPN encrypts your information and keep anyone from spying on your messages and browsing history.
  3. Hide Your Online Calls! You don’t want others to pry into your personal business, especially when you call loved ones or coworkers. Whenever you are about to say anything private or sensitive while calling online, you are in danger of being “heard”. Personal VPN protects your privacy and sensitive information from those who try to get it behind your back.
  4. Circumvent GEO restrictions. So, you’re travelling abroad, or you don’t live in the US or UK, and suddenly you are an underprivileged person that can’t watch many of your favorite videos online anymore. You can easily rectify this problem by getting a Personal VPN with an IP that matches those of the country that allows the videos to be watched.


Think how carefree you could be if you had YOUR OWN Personal VPN. No more sneaky businesses leaching on your info behind your back and no more thieves and spies trying to ruin your life! Personal VPN Equals Personal Privacy! There is no true privacy online unless you take matters into your own hands. Expecting businesses, governments and thieves to behave like you want them to simply will not happen. Any device that has information from your workplace, your personal life and your financial assets on it should be protected or never go online. Since the latter often is impossible, Personal VPN is one of the few viable solutions for keeping important documents and conversations safe. If you don’t believe your info interests anyone just think: How does Facebook knows exactly what kind of local advertisements to show you? Its simple: Your IP is there for everyone to see and it betrays where you live. People can derive a lot of information from your IP number alone and depending on the country you live in, this information can be used by your government as well. Personal VPN is the best way to get back the privacy you want!