NSA Spying

NSA Spying on Americans and lies about it!

It is nothing new that the NSA spying and is very good at lying to the public. Every time they swear that they didn’t spy on the American people and the congress, and then they are caught doing it anyway. The worst part about it is that we would never have know if it wasn’t for high level executives that stepped out of the NSA to inform the public that our rights are being stepped on every single day.

No Respect for the 4th Amendment 

The 4th amendment is very clear when it comes to the people’s privacy rights: Anything that happens in our homes, our belongings and our private business in general belongs to us unless there is a JUST CAUSE or VALID INFORMATION that allows the government to step in.

This is a very reasonable law, since in some cases, when there is a clear suspicion of a crime (blood trails, witness information etc) our private things can and should be searched with a warrant. What the NSA does is miles away from what the 4thamendment intended. According to William Binney, an NSA whistleblower, the NSA gathers information on all landlines and spies on law abiding Americans who have to criminal record.

The NSA first told us that all spying was done against foreigners (as if that is something to be proud of) and not Americans. In truth it seems that our government is just as rude to us Americans as it is to foreign countries, intruding into our private lives and RECORDING what we say.

One might argue that most of our private conversations aren’t even worth listening to, but that goes beside the point. Privacy is what gives us room to behave freely within lawful boundaries. We know from past experience that population control always ends up very bad, with governments oppressing people’s beliefs, lifestyles and choices.

No matter what the excuse might be, gathering information on the American people is diminishing our freedom and that’s not something we Americans will ever accept.

How Do We Protect Our Freedom and Privacy?

First of all we have to stop turning a blind eye to the NSA and the many atrocities it has committed against the American people. We should not let our fear of terrorism, foreigners or even our neighbors make us give up our constitutional rights.

Fear is the weapon of bad governments and it always has been!

The time has come for change. America needs strong digital privacy laws that don’t leave any loopholes for the government and companies to hop through. What we say during our phone calls, in our emails and what kind of things we watch on the internet should be our absolute right, unless we are under sound suspicion of criminal activity.

Preemptive justice is no justice at all. We deserve to live free from population control and the constant fear of surveillance!

America should be the land of the free, not the land of the controlled!