Lack of VPN Problems

Security Problems due to lack of VPN

Data security is one of the most crucial risk factors of internet communication. In general, firewalls protect your device against harmful data traffic, an anti-virus shields the system against viruses, and anti-spy software protects your software from being hacked. But what secures your data en route, once it leaves your system and before it arrives at another one? The most reliable solution is a VPN. Having a personal VPN is the only way to get unrestricted internet access while keeping your identity and data safe. If you do not want to use a VPN, what problems might you face?

Problems from Not Using A VPN:

  • Snooping By ISP:

In many countries, the ISP keeps tabs on all activities undertaken by internet users. Documented evidence shows this kind of ISP-snooping in the US and regularly in the UAE by the Etisalat. To keep your internet activity under wraps, the only secure option is to use a VPN account. This hides your identity and renders your activities unknown through the usage of an anonymous IP address.

  • Data Sniffing:

Use of a public network is a risky prospect, made moreso when you use open-to-view unsafe internet at hotels, airport lounges, and internet cafes. These WI-Fi hotspots are the domains of data-sniffing by hackers. One hacking technique is called the “evil twin attack”. Here the hacker props up his laptop at a genuine Wi-Fi hotspot and hacks the network. Now all data routed to this Wi-Fi hotspot get diverted into his system. The hacker now searches out your vital information, like credit card numbers, phone numbers, email id, and social security number, and misuses them.

  • VPN for Personal Use:

If you have a company VPN, all your internet activity is under careful surveillance. To keep your personal internet profile private, the only option is to go for a personal VPN.In this way, your classified and confidential information remains protected in big institutions and research foundations using VPN tunneling with data encryption. Split tunneling is one feature that can be used in situations like this. Here, the official data is encrypted and delivered to the office via paid VPN while other personal information may travel separately through the user connection.

  • Lack of Security Due to a Cheap VPN Service:

A reliable VPN should offer the best security available, with SSL encryption using triple DES or AES. If you opt for a cheap VPN without these features and compromise on your security, you will be negating the very purpose of using the VPN. Choose a good, reliable VPN to ensure total security for your identity, activity, and data.