IoT Security Concerns

Internet of Things Security Concerns

When it comes to the internet of things, many of us are extremely apprehensive when it comes to the security of our private data. Connecting businesses, homes and workplace via the IoT (Internet of Things) is certainly a way to go forward, since it will allow for a better distribution of labor, energy and even give us more safety.
The IoT will make driving cars safer through connecting them. It will improve the energy expense rate of home appliances and it certainly will be beneficial when used in the healthcare system. On the other hand is the price we’ll potentially pay for these amenities too high?

The IoT Doesn’t Come Without Sacrifices

Being connected to the internet in such a complete way will mean that there will be a lot of room for exploitation. Privacy might as well not exist and personal choices will probably be limited too in some ways.
Just imagine how it will be if any business, workplace or other home can find and use your information in any way they want. As seen in recent studies, the majority of people are concerned mostly about their lack of knowledge and comprehension when it comes to the IoT.
This gap in our understanding will certainly give rise to opportunities for businesses and governments to abuse our ignorance for larger agendas.

Through the IoT everyone would be able to access information like:

  • What appliances you use, how often and when
  • When you sleep and when you’re away from home
  • How healthy you are at any given time (if healthcare IoT is implemented)
  • What people you hang out with
  • All the above information about your children as well

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine your boss, your insurance company or just a plain criminal getting his or her hands on these bits of personal data. This could end up being a very dangerous situation.

We’re not fear mongering here, since the IoT will certainly improve our lives in many priceless ways. The only issue is that there isn’t enough education for the people on how to protect themselves from the problems the IoT will bring to our lives.
The IoT is already all around us, used by us, the government and businesses alike. It is already too late to be ignorant, sadly. But, it is never too late to start taking control of your personal data’s security.

Protecting Your Data from Possible IoT Abuse

Any person who cares about their privacy and the privacy of our children, should begin taking strong measures to protect it. Using personal VPN is certainly one of the better solutions, as you still can enjoy many of the IoT amenities, without having to give away all your personal info all the time. Keeping ourselves protected and informed is our own responsibility nowadays. So, step up and make sure that you and your loved ones can have the privacy you deserve!