Canadian VPN Service

Canadian VPN Service – Unblock Internet Abroad

Nobody knows better than VPNLand VPN what Canadians want out of their VPN. We run the leading Canadian VPN and reside in Canada ourselves, our ISPs are based in Canada, and we travel frequently. As a traveler you know how difficult it can be to see what you want to see precisely where you want to see it. Cut through the red tape with the Best Canadian VPN service from VPNLand VPN Service.

Access your favorite Canadian-only streaming like CBC, CTV and NHL hockey games; online content like Hulu, Netflix and the BBC iPlayer; as well as VoIP applications like Viber, Line2 and of course Skype. Because Black Logic’s servers are based out of Canada, residents of the country are at an advantage because we know what Canadians want from their VPN provider. VPNLand VPN  understands the frustration of not being able to access the latest Raptors or MapleLeafs game, or make a quick free call with Skype to hammer out a business matter.

Making phone calls and watching the shows you love, despite your busy schedule, brings a small part of home to you even while away. After all, what Canadian does not deserve to be as comfortable abroad as they are in Canada itself?

● Keep your information private.

● Access blocked content.

● As low as $2.99 per month.

● 100% uptime.

● One account, several servers.

● Live phone support.

Get started now with VPNLand VPN Account and eliminate your internet access problems for as little as $2.99 per month.

Why can’t I access Canadian content and use certain applications outside of the country?

Some of the most popular media content in Canada includes CBC, CTV and NHL games. In addition to more traditional content delivery systems this content is also available to be streamed across the internet. This would be a perfect way for Canadians to view their favorite content abroad, but it is blocked as soon as their signal is noted as coming from outside Canadian borders. This is referred to as geographical blocking or geo-gating. The owners of this content have exclusive rights to its distribution and only want viewers in-country to have access. Essentially what these copyright holders fear is that the content that generates their revenue will be even more unconfined than it is currently. Within Canada alone the illegal spread of copied content online is rampant. Geo blocking is meant to keep illegal content sharing at bay, at least to a degree. Unfortunately content providers do not offer a legal workaround for out-of-country customers, even for a fee.

Depending on the country a Canadian is visiting he or she may not even have access to VoIP applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line2 and Viber. This can make business difficult by raising the cost of phone calls using a paid provider. Black Logic VPNs also let you bypass these annoying restrictions without sacrificing your normal routine.

Why is VPNLand VPN the best VPN for Canadian internet browsing needs?

VPNLand VPN Service is the best VPN for Canadian internet browsing needs because we can apply the solid reputation of our VPN service to our understanding of what Canadian internet users want when abroad. Users also receive a Canadian IP address, which is convenient because Canadians know their browsing is secure with home-based servers. Speed is unrestricted for VPNLand VPN Service users, and when they do have a technical issue our 24/7 life support fixes it fast.