Bypass local Internet restrictions

Bypass local internet restrictions with a VPN

Internet restrictions are a big reason why so many people have VPNs or virtual private networks today. Before the internet became so popular, there was little need for restrictions from corporations, government entities and others. Now, however, the internet touches everything, resulting in layers of restrictions. Some countries, like Qatar, block websites which go against the status quo such as Facebook and online poker. Often these same countries block the usage of VoIP applications like Skype in order to strengthen local VoIP providers. While countries like the United States have much less internet restriction than this, media content is still heavily guarded. Only persons with IP addresses based in the country which provides the content may view it. Every country places some type of restriction on internet usage which warrants the use of a VPN.

How do VPNs remove internet restrictions?

VPNs remove restrictions by changing your IP address, then back your browsing up with the privacy and security of encryption. VPNLand VPN simply assigns you a new IP address to which you can connect, creating a private tunnel through which information flows and is only accessible to you.

The simple fact that you are accessing content which is not allowed in your country is reason enough to put a premium on safety; however, the internet is risky enough even when browsing only approved content. Essentially the internet is an unrestricted free-for-all — anything goes, and this makes the internet perfect for data sniffers. Data sniffers, or data collectors, serve all types of interests. Often data is sold to businesses for marketing purposes, whether it is obtained legally or not. Other sniffers may want to use your data for identity theft, which depending on your financial situation could result in high losses. Perhaps most worrisome of all are the unknown people and organizations which have access to your information. Protect yourself with a VPN from VPNLand VPN today.

Why do internet restrictions exist?

Usually internet restrictions exist due to some type of cultural, political or economic reason. Often the reasons are not supported by many of the internet users in a particular country; for this reason internet restrictions are almost always imposed upon users instead of requested as part of service. In fact, in countries where the internet is heavily restricted the market becomes pressurized by growing demand to such a point that when access does become available the response is overwhelming. Restrictions are generally placed on three types of internet content: media content like TV shows and movies on Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer; websites like Google, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook; and VoIP applications like Skype, Line2 and Viber.

TV networks, movie studios and musicians guard their content from piracy with geotagging; this is the most common economic reason why content produced in one country is not viewable in another country, or outside of an approved group of countries. Government entities collect and store the internet browsing data of users for unknown purposes; some governments also seek to control cultural influences by limiting parts of the internet, often social media websites which could spark progression through communication on a global scale. In countries where websites are blocked, VoIP applications like Skype are also often blocked. Skype is free for most users, or costs a nominal fee, which has caused disruption in local communication markets around the world. Countries unwilling or unable to profit from using VoIP applications usually simply block them in an attempt to funnel more customers into the hands of local communications providers.

How does VPNLand VPN differentiate itself from other VPN providers?

It’s true, there are more VPN providers than you can count. But VPNLand VPN sets itself apart, and has done so since 2005. Besides our longevity and proven customer satisfaction in the market, we offer a wide range of VPN options — from our one-of-a-kind poker VPN to our affordable global VPN for travelers and business people. We understand there are lots of types of VPN users, which creates the need for many niches. Maybe you’re a gamer, or a film buff, and need reliable internet speed capable of keeping your content flowing smoothly. Or perhaps you just like Canadian TV shows and want to catch them from the US or UK. No matter you interest, VPNLand VPN has a VPN for you — and we don’t just lift local internet restrictions, we keep you save while doing it by ensuring your utmost privacy and security.