Watch BBC iPlayer with VPN

Watch BBC iPlayer Online

Online viewing is becoming more popular every year. Hulu and Netflix, once small-time venturers into the online streaming market, now dominate and regularly siphon off customers from traditional media content delivery like cable. If you’re a traveler, or live in a country where these services are restricted, you understand how it feels to be unable to watch your favorite television shows, sports games and movies. You’re already paying for the service, so don’t you deserve to have it available even though you’re outside of the provider country?

With VPNs from VPNLand, you can lift the geographical restrictions that tag you as unable to view media content from other countries. Instead of indicating you are inside a restricted country, with a VPN you connect to any other country you wish. Not only can you watch online streaming providers like BBC iPlayer, you can also simply connect to a certain country to receive their local content like sports games from Canada. In fact, VPNs can help you access all the internet has to offer, no matter where you are on the globe.

Which countries have restrictions on media content?

Many countries restrict media content, including the US, UK and Canada, some of the largest producers of popular television and film content in the world. This means that the countries which restrict the content in fact cause the content to not be available in the majority of other countries. Copyright restrictions attempt to limit the spread of copyrighted information to unauthorized users, maximizing the amount of people who actually pay for the product. Hulu is only able to broadcast network shows because it enters into agreements with industry leaders like ABC, FOX and NBC.

VPNs do more than unlock TV shows

The original intent of VPNs was to provide privacy and security. Only recently, as content streaming has become a viable and popular option, have VPNs been used to solve the problem of censorship as it relates to media. This means VPNLand VPNs do double duty: they give you access to the television shows and movies you want — not to mention websites and VoIP applications like Skype — while at the same time keeping your online activity private and secure.

Privacy and security concerns are always increasing, because the methods used to threaten security and privacy continuously advance. While identity thieves are commonly thought of as the traditional online threat, data sniffers now disperse your information to a host of interested parties. VPNLand understands how challenging it can be to use a limited version of the internet throughout your routine. Particularly after coming home following a long day, it’s important to be able to access your favorite entertainment in order to relax. Online restrictions are inconvenient, but easily avoidable with a VPN.

How are VPNs different from other solutions?

There are a lot of solutions online regarding accessing BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix content online. As with most products and services, however, you truly get what you pay for. In fact, there are no alternatives besides the standard leased line which can replicate what virtual private networks do. Other solutions like proxies are limited. Proxies, for example can only access websites not VoIP applications, and information is not encrypted leaving you vulnerable to data sniffers. VPNs are extremely affordable, as much as many paid proxies in fact, while offering much higher value. Please contact VPNLand today about a VPN perfect for your needs.